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Internet is great, BUT overwhelming, noisy and unproductive for all. Search and you get 5 million results - Who goes to page 5 and beyond? Another example; Find an Event for tomorrow evening - You have to know many websites and check their calendar individually. It's far from good for the potential participants who are searching as well as for the resources who try to attract their target audience. Put your Knowledge and Events also into Entnest and easily reach your target audience. Tools & Knowledge is NOTHING without ACTION!

Nothing ties the millions of great resources together in ONE ORGANIZED place and adds unique features, until now. Entnest is a buffet table of functions assisting you on your whole entrepreneurial journey, from before your first step to conquering your market.

It's CURRENTLY FREE TO JOIN and there will NEVER be any automatic charges - you can only win by trying it.

Happy Entnesters
Olivier Naray
Entnest is THE platform for entrepreneurs, thinks global, acts local. It will only grow and grow, so don't miss the train!
Rasik Chahar
Fantastic range of tools - really excellent productivity improvement for Entrepreneurs & Supporters anywhere! Use what you need now and you'll want to grow through using more tools soon.
David Franzén
Entnest has massive potential! A wisely put together community of useful knowledge, experience, events and ambitious entrepreneurs!
Johan Franzén
At first, it was a bit hard to understand. But after 10 minutes - WOW - what a powerful tool! I'm sure I'll go to this website every day from now on! Hope to see you in Entnest :-)
Alberto Masini
Portale dalle grandissime potenzialità, ideale per le attività di qualsiasi imprenditore.
Thembela Khedama
I attended the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2017 through Entnest network connection. Since then my entrepreneurship journey is on its apotheosis.
Katarina Lindén
Entnest is a great place to connect with new people, to hear about interesting & relevant events and to promote my own independent business. And there are several additional options. Let's spread the word and grow the community!
KML Even.. (Katarina Lindén)
Entnest me permet de promovoir mon activité indépendante, et de faire des nouvelles connaissances. Il y a aussi plusieurs événements intéressants qui sont annoncés via ce site - plus encore plein d'autre options.
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