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About Us

Company registration and angel raise


Concept validation and development


Building and optimizing our MVP


Soft launch in Geneva, Switzerland


Pilot projects throughout Switzerland


Strengthening the core team


Start of international growth

  • Johan Franzen always understood the power of building up trusted relationships and the power of collaboration to create synergies.
  • With more than 20 years in the corporate world, he decided to invest in himself by becoming an entrepreneur.
  • He started his own consultancy company, but found the lack of centralized entrepreneurship support and global collaboration to be bizarre and inefficient.
  • The need for a trust-based and all-in-one solution catering to the growing entrepreneurship market became apparent.
  • Entnest was founded in 2015 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Our core values are trust, purpose, sustainability, authenticity, philanthropy and proactivity.
  • Since the company’s inception, we have committed at least 51% of our profits to be redistributed back into the Entnest community through the Entnest Fund in the form of micro-grants and subsidies. We want to take an active role in sustainable economic development.
  • As global economies have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic, Entnest also intends to support the transition of our traditional human labor force towards entrepreneurship.
  • We also believe in the importance of non-American and non-Chinese countries to not be dependent on American and/or Chinese tech, providing a sustainable and purpose-driven alternative to profit-hungry monopolies.

It’s not enough to THINK different, It’s time to ACT different.

Johan Franzén

Founder & CEO