Q; Entnest looks HUGE! How should I start using it?
A; Welcome! GREAT to see you in here! Yes, Entnest already has A LOT of functionality. We firmly believe it's a great advantage to cover essential functionality in one place rather than you having to go to different sites for small pieces. Entnest can be daunting at first glance, BUT just because you have a big encyclopedia, you don't have to read it from cover to cover. We think you will get the hang of it quickly!
Start with clicking around to get familiar with the site.
Working your way down;
1. Top left is Home
2. Top right is Alerts, Messages, You and under "Hi ___" you have Profile Management, Switch profile and Logout
3. The Header menu covers Everything inside Entnest. The My Entnest button at the end is YOUR elements.
4. The Details area in Home position shows the "Entnest Feed" with interesting pieces from most areas. If you want to see only a specific area, use the Header menu.
5. At the bottom of the site, you have the Footer details.
We suggest you start with clicking "Profile Management" in the top on the right side. Add your picture and fill some details about yourself. On the second page in Profile Management, you should at least state the city you live in so other members can more easily find you.
Now, for instance, start with Knowledge - Browse. You can Filter (in the left sidebar) and Sort (at the top) to find Knowledge that interests you. First time you click the green "View" button on the right for a Knowledge that interests you, in your browser url line, you have to change the setting there to "Always accept Entnest opening new tabs" in order to see the actual Knowledge in a new tab. When done reading that Knowledge, you can close that tab and the Entnest tab is open behind it. Please make a habit of rating Knowledge you have viewed. It's a big help to everybody. If you rate the Knowledge above 6, it will show up in your "My Entnest" under Knowledge - Rated > 6. When you have a lot of Knowledge, you can Shortlist the pieces you are most interested in seeing again.
Congratulations - you have taken a big step forward on your journey with Entnest! Now we suggest you do some more exploring and you are of course welcome to our video tutorials too. Entnest is already HUGE, but we have BIG plans to improve it further. Don't hesitate to let us know what functionality you think would be great to add (Members->Forums->Entnest Developer's Forum. Start your comment with FIX or FUTURE).
Q; Why the name Entnest and what does it mean?
A; Ent is short for Entrepreneur and nest is your residence - Home of Entrepreneurs. "I want to 'Entnest' you" means I want to befriend you and put you in my nest. You can see your Entnested friends in My Entnest --> Entnested --> My Entnested. Your Recommender will always be at the bottom of the trunk. "You" will be at the top of the trunk and your "Entnested" friends are in the leaves. Lots more to explore here. I'm sure you will also have profiles in the roots soon :-) What can that be for?
Q; I'm an aspiring Entrepreneur. How will I gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; Congratulation - you really have a lot to gain in here!
* Entnest is a Productivity Improvement tool. Internet is overwhelming and resource draining. In Entnest, you will easily find what other members believe are the best pieces from internet. Everybody contributes content and it is neatly organized by us and our members - all in ONE place.
* Entnest is a Marketplace and a Community. You will find other aspiring Entrepreneurs and Supporters. You will share, find, learn and grow - everything you need in order to Achieve Success Faster.
* Entnest is free for a long time in order for you to experience the advantage and Community.
* After the free period, it will be "close to" free. We firmly believe just a small fee is better to really attract the serious and actively contributing members we want to have.
* You get 10% value of the member fee from all new members you bring in. If you have brought in 10 new members, you have an extra year of free membership.
* You will connect and meet a lot of people you didn't know before, but who has the same dreams as you do. Together, we will help each other reach our goals faster.
We suspect you will belong to the biggest member group in Entnest and the one we really want to assist taking the next step on your journey.
Q; I have started my own company and we have an annual turnover below Swiss Franc 1 million. How will I gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; Great! Congratulations on a BIG step towards your future!
In Entnest, you will get special attention from all directions; Aspiring Entrepreneurs who want to assist you while figuring out their right next steps. Other smaller companies in the same situation as you who can offer your assistance through their Products and/or Services. Supporters, from community organizations that support Ents locally or regionally, and all the way out to multinationals in different fields that also wants you to succeed. Society NEEDS you to succeed for the benefit of all of us.
You will use Entnest to;
* Find Talent and Funding to develop your business
* Get advise and support
* Post in the market what you Offer & Need
* Create a following in Groups, Events and Knowledge sharing
* Advertise to other Ents and Supporters
We think this member group will have the most to gain from being an Entnester, but it is also most important to society that you succeed. We are working on special programs that will be very beneficial to you - more information to be shared as soon as we can.
We want you to develop into our Hero group of Entnesters. That means you have been with us since small and developed into a company with GREAT growth.
Q; My company has an annual turnover above Swiss Franc 1 million. How will I gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; Wow - you have really made it - Congrats!
We are looking to you to assist our younger and smaller Ents and grow further with them. You will grow as they grow too. Assist them to reach new heights too!
You will receive special recognition for your support.
Q; I'm in an organization that has in its mission to support Entrepreneurs. How will my organization gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; You have definitely come to the right place as it's in your and all other interests to assure as many Ents are successful as possible - no matter where they are. We want to work as close as we possibly can with you to reach our mutual goals.
Q; I'm in an organization that does not have it in its mission to support Entrepreneurs, but of course we want to support Entrepreneurs for the benefit of our whole society. How will my organization gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; The economic pressure on society and our population is bigger than ever. Really excellent that you see the need to and want to support the local community of Ents to assure positive and working local communities. While doing so, you will also gain credibility, respect and loyalty from both Ents and the overall local communities you are active in.
You will receive special recognition for your support.
Q; I'm an Angel Investor or in a Venture Capital company. How will I gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; Ents ALWAYS needs financing for their project. This is a GREAT chance for you to support the growth of new successful companies and of course with the opportunity for rewarding outcomes also for you. It's a great opportunity to easily find and follow a lot of both aspiring and already developed Ents that you can assist for mutual further benefit.
Q; I'm in a recruiting company or a Job site. How will I gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; Ents ALWAYS needs talent and often, for instance, a successful entrepreneur who has made a good exit is looking for the next challenge - You will be instrumental in Entnest for everybody's benefit.
Q; I'm not considering to become an entrepreneur today. How will I gain from being a member in Entnest?
A; Your support will be most welcome and you will gain from the success of Ents as society as a whole. You will receive special recognition for your support.
Q; I'm in Stockholm, but in Events - Map view, I see Geneva, Switzerland. Why?
A; If you go to Profile Management and, in Step 2, update your address to Stockholm, the Event Map view will default to Stockholm instead. You should make a habit of updating your details in Profile Management as it will improve your experience. It will also improve Entnest for all as it will be easier to find and connect to you for other Entnesters.
Q; Can you please tell me more about the Badges in the Show Card and PBA screens?
A; There are 5 types of Badges and 4 Levels. The below table shows how many activities of each type you need in order to reach a certain level;
M =Members enlisted
E =Events organized
G =Groups administered
A =Adverts added
K =Knowledge uploaded
Q; Nothing happens when I click on an Advert. Why not?
A; It's a safety feature in some browsers. In your url line, please click "Always accept that Entnest opens a new tab", or something of that meaning. From then on, it will work.
Q; When I update "Entnest language" in Profile Management sidebar, not everything gets translated to that language. Why not?
A; At this stage, we are basically showcasing the language capability we easily can include, BUT you are right, not everything is yet translated. We are a small team and need to prioritize work. We'd HIGHLY appreciate support from our members to both suggest better and more translations, as well as additional languages. If you are interested in assisting, there will be benefits for you. Contacts us and suggest a "Language" or make a remark in the Forum "Entnest Developer's Forum" and we'll pick it up.
Q; I have received a Warning from Admin. What should I do?
Q; My Content has been Blocked by Admin. What should I do?
Q; If I would want to deactivate my Entnest account(s), how do I do it?
A; Go to the top menu and hover “Contact Us” and click “Report / Deactivate”. Write a message and we will reply to you and manage the deactivation.
- When v1 design is set, make screen capture tutorials
* Quick overview
* Suggested start
* Members
* Events
* Knowledge
* Groups
* Forums
* Boards
* My Entnest
* Affiliation etc
- Develop Audio for different languages
- Share links to coming Entnest YouTube videos