I wanted to start a Consulting firm, but had issues finding the right information and networks – Internet is overwhelming! There are 1000s of websites, work spaces and networks for entrepreneurs everywhere - and that's EXACTLY the issue!
I went to 50+ websites per day and many meetings per week, but found there were many other website and events I should have gone to if I only would have known about them. It's a missed opportunity both for me and for the Event Organizer / Content Owner.
I talked to a lot of people and organizations who all agreed it would be great if Entrepreneurship would be easier especially at the early phase - something that ties it all together and increases our productivity. As I found nothing that looked like what I wanted – I decided to create it.
Entnest started as one man's small thought that it must be possible to make Entrepreneurship overall, but especially in the earlier phase (before you have really started), easier than it currently is.
Personal frustration sparked creativity and the journey started at the end of 2014. So far, the “travellers” have been a small group in Europe and IT in India. With the launch of the website, a new type of journey can begin.
We are very excited about the future and welcome YOU on the journey with us to a better future for all of us!


The intent of Entnest is to simplify Entrepreneurship and improve productivity for Entrepreneurs everywhere as much as possible. The outcome will be more successful Entrepreneurs and living local communities everywhere – exactly what our society needs!
The site already has a lot of functionality, but more will come soon. Keep suggesting and we will soon truly cover everything an Entrepreneur needs in one place.

Vision & Mission

Entnest's vision is to be:
The network every Entrepreneur and Supporter joins to easily access great content and support related to starting and growing a business anywhere.
Entnest's mission is to:
- Create a new movement supporting Entrepreneurs,
- Support members who want to or have started a company,
- Promote the members within our extended networks,
- Provide benefits to our whole society.