Community Guidelines

May 15, 2018

From time to time, there will be updates to these Community Guidelines (ā€œCGā€). At the top of this page, you find the version date of our CG. The latest version supersedes all previous versions, is always available and is in force. It is your responsibility to check our CG. By using our Services, you consent to our CG.
Entnest is built on principles of trust, honesty, dedication, persistence, helpfulness, positivism etc. You are responsible for your actions and behaviour. Be a role model for your fellow Entnesters ā€“ support each other and we will all benefit.
You should, for instance:
* Post open internet links to Knowledge you believe can be valuable to many Entrepreneurs. That is exactly what Entnest is about, as it will benefit both the content owners as well as your fellow Entnesters.
* Do all you can to be helpful to your fellow Entnesters. For instance, answer Entnesters Q-Board questions honestly and truthfully or comment constructively in Forums, Events and Groups.
* Suggest organizations that support Entrepreneurs to become Partners or Sponsors in Entnest.
You should however NOT, for instance:
* Post stand alone material that you are NOT the copyright owner of.
* Use an unnecessarily negative or unfriendly tone in any communication.
* Do something that can create issues in or for our community.
In simple terms:
* Be Positive
* Be Real
* Be Honest
* Be Respectful
* Be Kind
* Be Safe
* Be Community-Focused
* Be Professional
If Entnest finds your actions violating these principles and guidelines, you should understand it will lead to sanctions and possible exclusion.