The Entnest Fund

We want to do more than improving the impact and success rate of entrepreneurs everywhere. We want to be an active player in sustainable and global economic development. We believe that it is our duty as a company to give back to those that help grow our community, and we will do this through the Entnest Fund.

The Entnest Fund will receive at least 51% of the Entnest profit, as well as sponsorship, subsidies, grants and donations from governments, companies and individuals. The Entnest Fund, managed and overseen by world experts in the most important fields, will then redistribute this capital back to eligible Entnest members in the forms of micro-grants, subsidies and direct investment.

51% of Entnest profit
Sponsorships, subsidies & grants from governments, companies & associations
Donations from philanthropists
33% Micro-grants
33% Subsidies
33% Equity Investments

Entnest : Improving local and global entrepreneurship success rates for a more sustainable & prosperous world.