Entnest is a fresh start for social media based on the values and principles we all miss today. Social media is here to stay, but is currently not leading to positive change, empathy, kindness, respect, sustainability, nor creating a more prosperous world. Entnest tackles all of that and more.

Entnest has a lot of especially built features and functions, all for and by the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We for instance cover: Community elements, Marketplace, Event and Conference management, Client Relationship Management, Space booking and much more.

We suggest you start with creating a great profile for yourself - one which makes others interested in connecting with you to create mutual value. Add relevant tag word etc and do past link to your profile in other social media and websites your are related to so that people can get a more complete picture of who you are and what you do or want to achieve and of course how you can create mutual value together.

Below, we will try and give a quick overview of what we see as good tips and tricks to get the best out of Entnest and for you to become even more successful. Please comment back to us so that we can continue to improve our services to you. As Entnest already has huge functionality, it will take time to complete. Thank you for your support and understanding - we very firmly believe that together, we can create a very powerful movement that will deliver huge benefits to the entrepreneurship ecosystem locally and globally as well as to society as a whole.


Entnest is a toolbox to create more mutual value together with others. Entrepreneurship is about offering something to someone and getting something in return and thus both of you progressing. Human interaction between trusted parties is crucial for this to work.

There are 3 different member types in Entnest:

1. Everybody starts with a Personal Profile
2. You can add a Venture profile for your venture / project / company
3. Support organizations of different sub-types

You need an invitation/recommendation to be able to join Entnest.
Everybody can always see who invited who and you can follow the “trail”.
Once you are inside, you can invite who you want, BUT you will be accountable for them if they take bad actions and you risk exclusion too if their actions are severely negative to the community. You decide if you want to add a Venture profile - you can simply set it up by yourself.
If you want a Supporter Org profile, you first have to state that you as a person represent a Support Org. Go to “Hi ___” top right and then “Edit personal profile”. Scroll down and in “User Category”, select “I represent a Support org”, scroll down and click “Update”. Next step is requesting the Support profile (also under “Hi ___” top right). Once you have requested it, Entnest Admin will get back to you to verify you as a representative of that organization and to agree the terms and conditions.


Finding great connections is fundamental. Entnest simplifies this greatly for you. We strive for 100% of the profiles being 100% trustworthy and you can easily find and maintain contacts across all kinds of silos and barriers that are out there.
“Members -> Browse” lets you see all profiles. You see one card for each member and it contains basic details plus your Categorization Symbols (see below). If you click on a member card, you see their full details including full description, links, Recommender, their actions, your CRM info for this profile, Trust, Entnested and Recommended by this profile (depending on their Privacy setting - see below).


You can start a conversation with anybody in Entnest, BUT with max 5 people that you are NOT yet Entnested (see below) with per day. Sending a Private Message to interesting profiles should be a high priority each day for you as it has the potential of creating a lot of value to both of you. Don’t wait around for others to contact you. Get out of your comfort zone and start a conversation. Time is something we can’t get back and everybody in here wants to create more mutual value with others.
Still, be selective and respectful regarding who you start a conversation with. Make it clear why you want to start a conversation and how you think you can create mutual value.
When you click the “Message / Start Conversation” button:

  • in the left sidebar, you will see all conversations you have going.
  • In the middle, you will see the 10 newest messages with this profile, and
  • In the right sidebar, you see your CRM details for this profile

Entnest request

An Entnest request is like a “Friend request” in other social media. When the other party accepts, you have been “Entnested”. We do NOT recommend you start with sending a lot of Entnest requests to people you don’t know. We clearly do NOT want to repeat the situation in other social media. Start with a message and if you find good common ground, only then decide to send an entnest request. Once you are entnested, you can find all your entnested profiles in “My Entnest -> My Entnested” or in “Shortcuts -> My Entnested” (see below).

Filter and Sorting

In different screens, it’s either on the left side (like in “Members -> Browse) or at the top (like in “Community tab” on the landing page). This a great way for searching and selecting who or what you are interested in. Utilize the opportunities and become more efficient and productive.

Categorization Symbols

For each profile, you can utilize the Categorization Symbols (Star, Square, Circle, Triangle, Cloud, Arrow) as you see fit. You decide what you use each symbol for and who you mark for which symbol. We have allocated default values, but you can change them anytime. This is a great way of building your “funnel” of profiles you are interested in. Once you have marked symbols for different profiles, you can also filter for them - very powerful.

Private Comments

This is like the backside of that profile’s business card. You can take your private comments that nobody else will see. For instance, I always put YYMMDD and location for a profile that I meet and anything else I want to remember about the profile. Those details then also becomes searchable in the Filter area in “Member -> Browse” (see above) or in “Shortcuts -> My CRM” (see below) - very powerful.