Enthuons Technologies

Enthuons Technologies

Atul Rai

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We build superb websites and apps

We specialize in all aspects of online development and brand creation with particular expertise in web development, mobile application development and digital marketing (SEO/SMO/SMM/SEM)

We have a proven record in creating efficient and effective programming, while utilizing efficient design patterns (avoiding anti-patterns) to produce more reliable and easily managed code. Our code structures are rigorously tested using unit tests in addition to fully automated system testing. We check in code continuously - almost daily in fact, which enables our clients to continuously demonstrate their products to various stakeholders whilst our automated continuous testing ensures that any bugs and/or security issues are minimized. We comprehensively dedicate our attention to writing high performance apps by continuously profiling and employing appropriate data structures to improve the speed across all applications.

Contact us and we are ready to provide you best suited solution as per your requirements.