Seedspace Geneva

Seedspace Geneva

Guillaume Saunier

Co-working space


3 locations in Geneva and rapid expansion in the developing world


Seedspace headquarters in Geneva is where the group has its roots - over 3 floors of pure fun, work and playfulness are provided for entrepreneurs to better nurture their ideas and grow their business.
Geneva, Switzerland



Seedspace Lagos

Sail away from the traffic and noise to set foot in this ideal and welcoming environment to collaborate, learn and grow - right in the heart of Ikoyi.



Spin Street House

We're friends with a shared mission to make our work and lives better, day by day. Amongst us are tech startups, designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, creatives






The CO.LAB is an innovation community. Sharing deeply the belief that power is no longer in the hands of those who know, but rather one who shares our mission is to find those who think and implement innovation.



Mandarina Hub

We break rules, make mistakes, create incredible ideas making the world a more interesting place - we open our doors to all people and their ideas


CAIRO - Egypt



Join us and accelerate your startup in one of the most innovative and vibrant cities in the Middle East and North Africa region





A beautifully designed place where you create your work in an amazing atmosphere amongst a great community of other like-minded coworkers