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Each year, MassChallenge awards up to $2m in equity-free cash prizes to help high-impact startups succeed.

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Nov 20, 2017;
The 2017 MassChallenge Switzerland Program is now officially closed! It started in February with a launch event in Lausanne, with a bunch of flying acrobats suspended over the Place de l’Europe. We had 450 applications, narrowed down to 180, and finally, 75 finalists accelerated.

CHF 100,000 Diamond Winners

Moka Studio Sàrl


CHF 40,000 - Gold Winners

ChemAlive SA

HaYa Therapeutics

Infrastructure Systems Managers / Dechets a l’Or

Lymphatica Medtech SA


Oct 4, 2017;

The complete list of the 2017 top 12 startups is below:

  • Alogo Analysis SA (High Tech – Sports Technology) - A Swiss incorporated company dedicated in analysing equestrian sports and provide innovative statistics.
  • ChemAlive SA (High Tech – Internet & Web) - Software driven by machine learning that allows the chemical industry to model chemistry, improve yield and generate new chemical leads.
  • HaYa Therapeutics (Healthcare/Life Sciences - Therapeutics) - Developing a first-in-class biopharmaceutical therapy to treat heart failure.
  • Imverse (High Tech – Gaming & Consumer) - From a single 360° photo to a volumetric VR room-scale interactive movie. We are democratizing virtual and mixed reality content creation.
  • Infrastructure Systems Managers / Dechets a l’Or (Social Impact – Poverty Alleviation) - Dechets a l'Or uses tech to that brings infrastructure services to African cities. We create cleaner cities with brighter futures.
  • Lymphatica Medtech SA (Healthcare/Life Sciences – Medical Devices) - Lymphatica develops a micropump-based medical device for treatment of lymphedema, a chronic, disabling side effect of anti-cancer therapies.
  • (General – Retail) - Local online groceries delivered the same day. 100% non-industrial, 100% no GMO 100% never frozen food
  • MEMBRASENZ GmbH (Energy / CleanTech - Generation) - R&D, production and commercialization of novel membranes used in electrolysis for the production of hydrogen, as a new energy carrier.
  • Moka Studio Sàrl (High Tech – Gaming & Consumer) - Mosketch is a disruptive software that allows to quickly and easily create top quality 3D animations.
  • Precision Vine (General - Agriculture) - Precision Vine improves quality and efficiency in the wine industry by using remote sensing services to create valuable information.
  • Sleepiz (Healthcare/Life Sciences – Medical Devices) - Measuring patient vital signs in a contact-free manner to allow for clinical grade diagnosis of sleep disorders in a home based setting.
  • TasteHit (High Tech – Internet & Web) - Data-driven user engagement tools for online shops.

September 15 - Go for Gold;
Another great day for our Finalists  :-)

August 17, 2017

CONGRATS to for the win in this evening's "1 minute to pitch it" and to all who participated - a REALLY GREAT event :-)

The seven finalists (out of 50 pitchers) were;