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Suchi Dubey

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From "If" to "How"

Lish is a Swiss-based nonprofit network created for female entrepreneurs and innovators who are working on innovative projects in Tech, Health, Media, and other relevant industries.

The area of women-founded startups is growing, but when compared to the number of ventures founded by men, the figure is considerably less. Women are still at a disadvantage in these often male-dominated industries, making it is difficult for them to find investors and vice versa. We help female entrepreneurs to gain the visibility they need to grow their ventures and provide them with a platform to pitch their ideas to their industry. Our goal is to encourage women entrepreneurs to be brave, to help them turn ideas into startups, and to achieve their venture's goals.

Our solution: we have built a platform developed to assist growing community of women innovators. From Pitch Summits to networking events and investment opportunities, we providing female entrepreneurs from Switzerland and beyond, with a platform to connect and learn more from each other as they grow their businesses.

Ultimately, we hope to change the attitude of our community from "If" to "How".

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