Fast Track, Powered by EPFL Innovation Park

Fast Track, Powered by EPFL In...

Björn Ignell






What is Fast Track?

After five years of successfully running the Federal CTI Entrepreneurship training program (now  Innosuisse) in Western Switzerland, EPFL Innovation Park launched a new range of Entrepreneurship training programs in 2018 under the name of Fast Track.

​The EPFL Innovation Park has built itself a reputation of delivering high impact courses to entrepreneurs in innovation and technology. We have realised that startups and SMEs need short, pragmatic and focused expert training, based on real life experiences, to outperform their competitors.

We are addressing the needs of high potential companies. The aim is to help more companies achieve fast growth and becoming ‘scale ups’. Our programs apply to the companies hosted at the EPFL Innovation Park and to other SMEs and startups in the region.