The Entnest story

what made us strt

I wanted to start a Consulting firm, but had issues finding the right information and networks – Internet is overwhelming! There are 1000s of websites, work spaces and networks for entrepreneurs everywhere - and that's exactly the issue!

I went to 50+ websites per day and many meetings per week, but found there were many other website and events I should have gone to if I only would have known about them. It's a missed opportunity both for me and for the Event Organizer / Content Owner.

I talked to a lot of people and organizations who all agreed it would be great if Entrepreneurship would be easier especially at the early phase - something that ties it all together and increases our productivity. As I found nothing that looked like what I wanted – I decided to create it.

Entnest started as one man's small thought that it must be possible to make Entrepreneurship overall, but especially in the earlier phase (before you have really started), easier than it currently is.

Personal frustration sparked creativity and the journey started at the end of 2014. So far, the “travelers” have been a small group in Europe and IT in India. With the launch of the website, a new type of journey can begin. We are very excited about the future and welcome you on the journey with us to a better future for all of us!

- Johan Franzen

Entnest’s Vision

how we see the wrld

A rising tide lifts all the boats

This may be a cheesy line, but Entnest embraces it wholeheartedly. Usually this phrase is attributed to top-down actions. But in our view, that is a mistake. Entrepreneurs do not wait for the tide to come. Entrepreneurs are the tide! And entrepreneurs focus not only on their own success – but know that success happens when they make others succeed along themselves. Their clients. Their partners. Society. And Entnest is here to make Entrepreneurs succeed in becoming the tide.

Frustration brings progress

Did you start your business because you found frustration in yourself or others? That’s how Entnest started [link to The Entnest Story]. So frustration is good. It brings progress. In our case, we want to simplify Entrepreneurship and improve productivity for Entrepreneurs everywhere as much as possible. We want to to start and to grow, in one place. We are not there yet. But the journey has started.

Every day is different

Entrepreneurs don’t know the daily routine. For us, every day is different. Most content, partners and information is only valuable for a limited time. Then it becomes a burden. So instead of hoarding, we emphasize the right here, right now.

Small and personal is beautiful

We don’t like big parties with little talk, and even less action. We seek accountability, trust, quality and progress. And we believe that small local communities achieve this better than large anonymous groups. This is what Entnest is built for. Trust is in our DNA. But instead of having hundreds of friends, we emphasize that you listen only to whoever is relevant. Maybe for years. Or for months. Or just for days. But that’s OK. Help each other. Create quality. Move on and repeat. Meet again when needed.

“Everything is awesome” is fake news

Does social media give you the feeling that everyone if perfectly successful, except you? Then you are a victim of user-generated fake news. So be brave, and admit to your needs, your gaps in knowledge, the help you need. Asking is how you progress in life, and that’s how you will progress in Entnest too.

We all need a team

Columbus did not travel across the Atlantic alone on their hand-built boat. And Steve Jobs did not assemble the iPhones alone. Even if an entrepreneur is the engine that jump-starts a business, no-one is good at everything. Entnest will help you find the upstream and downstream partners to enable you to not just start, but keep on growing. And true to our love of cheesy quotes, "Shared joy is double the joy" & "Shared burden is half the burden"

Unite & conquer

Others have what you are looking for, and what you have is sought after by others. So pay it forward, assist others, and earn respect and value. The world has enough problems for all of us to succeed by solving them. And the world also has enough money for all of us to prosper – it is just allocated poorly. We will help entrepreneurs to think bigger than themselves, so we can all achieve sustainable progress.

Entnest’s Mission

how we make the visin become reality

51% of our profits are your profits

Enough talk about figurative tides. Let actions speak! We put our money where our mouth is, by offering 51% of our annual profits to eligible entrepreneurs as grants. Becoming eligible is as simple as creating a “venture legal entity”, meaning a registered company. Grants are assigned using We don’t play around with our finances to minimize profits.

Everything in one place, but not all at once

One side of the core task we set for ourselves at Entnest is to bring entrepreneurs everything they need on their journey. But we know that you don’t need everything all the time. So the other side of our core task is to always bring you what is relevant. To not just allow you to use the tools as you see fit, but also to advise you on what to do next. We are not there yet, but we are on our way there – come with us!

Features aligned to our vision

Everything we stand for is reflected in the features of Entnest. Small is beautiful, so we emphasize small groups. Trust is in our DNA, so Entnest is invite only. Needs are as important as offers, so we make you admit to both. There are no routines, so we you will always see what’s relevant to you. You think we can do better? You are right. So let us know how. But first, come inside and take a look around.

Don’t just recommend. Vouch.

Entnest’s “invite only” goes one step further. Recommending someone is a first step. But vouching for someone is a different thing. We all know hundreds of people. We can all recommend dozens. But we vouch for only a few. Those few are the ones who you should be inviting. And those are the kinds of people you will find on Entnest. Inviters and invitees remain linked I the system, so members are all accountable for the quality of the entire membership base.

Open door to members

Want to be introduced to someone. Simply reach out! In Entnest everyone can reach everyone extremely simply. But because entrepreneurs always want to progress, they don’t dwell on contacts unnecessarily. They create mutual wins, and continue their journey. We work hard to create that extended network everybody needs. We bring continuously identify and bring in support organizations, so you and them can succeed.