Why Entnest?

Overwhelmed by the unorganized jungle of entrepreneurial resources? Afraid to get started? So were we...

So we created Entnest, the virtual Swiss army knife for your whole entrepreneurial journey. Entnest connects the silos, and simplifies finding the right resources, to help you achieve success faster.

You deserve it. Society needs it.


How does Entnest help you?

We bring value at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.
Issue --> Solution Idea

What Issue are you passionate about solving? You need to develop your Idea in many ways and you need both people and tools to do so. You will stumble over many elements along the way and it’s a long and winding road.

Examples of assistance through Entnest

Team Members

Idea validation

Early funding


Mentors & Advisors

Create your Plan

When your Idea has more solid shape, it's time to start formalizing it into a Plan. Again, you will need trusted people and tools to assist you on your journey.

Business Plan

Bigger team

Board of Advisors

Development & MVP

Early Adopters

Register your project

After the Plan is ready, you can either go to Register OR to Commence. If you are ready to Register your project with the autorities, again, you will need trusted people and tools to assist you on your journey. Likely form for your project can be; Individual company, Limited Liability Company, Non-Profit Org., Association or Foundation.



Legal (IP etc)

More funding


Ready for take-off!

You can Commence before you have Registered your project with the authorities. Again, there will be many elements to stumble over or around, and again there are plenty of people with great experience and insight in Entnest that can assist you along your journey.

Marketing & Sales


Create events

Become Authority

Critical clients

Reach further

You might have started with your local market, but your goal is likely to take the next steps and Build further, maybe a new market, B2B on top of B2C or a Product on top of your Service or vice versa. You'll find the support you need in Entnest.

Even more funding

Bigger team

Beyond MVP


New Markets / Segments

Expand or Exit

You have really done great to get here, but you want to go even further - right? As in every step along your journey no matter where or in which field you are, Entnest is the enabler to find the support you need in order to go further and achieve success faster. You can of course also find assistance with your exit strategy.

Strategic Partners

Big Influencers

Organization Structure

Public Offerings

Do Social Good!