Website Updates

May 17 - May 25, 2017
Fixing bugs and optimizing many elements to give better user experience in coming days. 

May 15 - May 17, 2017

Event organizers can now print card for participants, and additionally member can also print their cards. 

May 10 - May 15, 2017

New butler page is designed and uploaded. It is much more informative and serves
your required information efficiently.

May 7 -  May 10, 2017
During any sorting or searching all over the site, page load is removed.
Its much handy with these
asynchronous operations on mobile too.

May 1 - May 6, 2017

Now we can add images/documents to messages, also instant notification and event comment is done.

Apr 24 - Apr 30, 2017

Instant messaging is done between two members conversation.

Apr 21 - Apr 23, 2017

New lookup for landing page, Its much responsive and cool now.

Apr 15 - Apr 20, 2017

"Says" module added into website.
Now its easy to convey thoughts precisely.

Apr 1 - Apr 15, 2017
Streamlined front end design to simply future design updates.
Preparing for instant messaging and "Says" on the website.

Mar 1 - Mar 31, 2017
Changed host company and streamlined the back end.

Feb 22 - Mar 1, 2017
Many new functionalities in android native app (is still in testing);
finding nearest members, instant messaging etc

Feb 17 - Feb 22, 2017
Completely new function - Value Created!
Entnest now tracks Value Created through the site = very powerful.

Feb 1 - Feb 17, 2017
Completely new function - My Calendar!
Plus, when you Add an Event, you can now set access to "Only invited"

Jan 8 - Jan 31, 2017
Big focus on Android Native App dev - still in Beta.
Plus many smaller improvements on the website

Dec 8 - Dec 30, 2016
Invitations to Events.
Browse participants in Events and Groups after joining.
Activity dot in Browse Members (Green - Orange - Grey).
Finalized several previously started improvements.

Nov 27 - Dec 7, 2016
Alert settings V1 complete.
Profile Admin rights for higher profiles complete.
Updated Message and Private comments management started.
Website design on mobiles improved.